The following is the list of published journal articles, book chapters, and working papers.

Journal Articles

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  11. Yang, J., Information-Theoretic Approaches in Economics, Journal of Economic Surveys, 2018

Working papers

  1. Bonwoo Koo, Jangho Yang, and Brian D. Wright, “On optimality of secrecy and scarcity of idea.” R&R. [New version soon]

  2. Ilan Strauss and Jangho Yang, Developing Dynamic Capabilities through Acquisitions: A patent lens on M&A’s impact on Big Tech’s technological profile, Under Review.

  3. Torsten Heinrich and Jangho Yang, Innovation in times of Covid-19, Under Review.

  4. Jangho Yang, Brian Cozzarin, Sarah Feng, and Torsten Heinrich, “Productivity Dispersion and Investment Slowdown in Canada”, Under Review.

  5. Jangho Yang, Luis Daniel Torres Gonzalez, Advait Rajagopal, and Doyne Farmer, Production Network and GDP Growth: a Decomposition Approach.